Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The pendulum swings back

I find that when I've been doing something very traditional, I need to have a modern moment; and vice versa. Same with solids and prints, scraps and planned. I have a problem with focus ... Anyway I'm quilting away on that big traditional one and felt the urge to get bright and modern for just a little bit.

Goodness that is one blurry shot. I think the camera was having difficulty focusing on any particular print. But I still think they're fun. I had the dresden plate ruler out for the big one so I just made dresden plates (without finishing the edges, so they are just big round circles made of wedges) then cut them into squares. Not very scientific and terribly bendy because all the edges are on the bias and seams everywhere. I'll do something meandery for quilting in an attempt to even it out.

I hand-appliqued the centre circles using Michelle's excellent tutorial here. Mine are a long way from perfect, but the last ones were definitely better than the first ones! So I might do some more of this circle applique in the future, it was surprisingly easy and quick once you do the proper prep work. And I bought those nice plastic templates she used which made it much easier than my usual faffing about with drawing around saucers (why spend money when you can do it yourself! from household utensils!)

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