Thursday, July 10, 2014

School holidays ... again

Didn't it just seem like we had holidays? Do these children ever go to school? It is so cold and miserable that we are mostly restricted to indoor activities this week ... which is fine by them although I might go a bit stir crazy. Luckily the icing fad has continued! I took number two son to a party supplies shop one day and our eyes about bugged out of our heads at the stuff you can buy. We didn't even know what half of it was for ... but we bought it anyway. There's always google. So this cake was meant to be a "basket of fruits".

Yesterday we were a bit more adventurous and went off ice skating - there is one rink in Canberra, just down the road from us. It was packed full of kids of various sizes; none of which could actually ice skate. To be honest ice skating is not a skill that many Australians have, but everyone seems willing to give it a red hot go. Including me - I've got no idea but how hard can it be?  I took a couple of whopper stacks but managed to wobble around without holding on a couple of times. We all got a bit cold and wet and bruised after an hour or so, but it got us out of the house.

I took myself off for a walk one afternoon despite the weather and ran into this little guy - hasn't he got a sweet face? I think it might be a young one just out of the pouch, but really I have no idea. Could be an aged sort of particularly baby-faced kangaroo, who would know.


  1. you have to have strong ankles to ice skate! at least that's what I was told years ago... It is fun, though, when you can stay upright. i haven't done it in many years.

    the kangaroo is a cutie. do you see them often in the wild? is it like our deer are here in illinois? we see deer in the fields or at the edges of the woods. they are pretty nervous though, and you cannot get real close to them.

  2. "I took a couple of whopper stacks " - what does that even mean? I assume you fell over a couple of times but even as a kiwi that is a completely foreign language :-)

    The cake is fabulous though, who knows where this phase will end? What does he have planned for hubbie's big birthday?