Sunday, July 27, 2014

Simple pleasures

I've always stored my threads in a fishing tackle box - ok for a few but hopeless for lots, and they were all tangling together and giving me the shits. So I went to the hardware store and got myself some clear storage containers that take exactly two rolls of thread in each compartment, and then I spent a very happy hour sorting them by colour. Talk about brain dead, but they looked so pretty when I was done.

And Saturday's simple pleasure was a walk - we are working our way through our Canberra Walks book, and Saturday's choice was suburbs quite close to where we live, so we could walk to the starting point in about ten minutes. It's the big fancy houses, which was kind of interesting at first, but got quite boring after a while. Number one son bitched and moaned his way the whole time because he wasn't interested at all ... so we cut it short and made a bee-line for home. It still took nearly two hours so must have been useful for exercise - but we have all agreed that we prefer the bushwalks to the citywalks. Here are the peasants peering futilely through the closed gates.

I spent a bit of time quilting that big traditional quilt - it's going to take a while. Although most of the borders are fairly busy and I can do any old thing ... it's still huge. And the cat slept on. This is her evil look that I get when I disturb her napping by taking photos.

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  1. I am jealous of the lovely range of colours in your thread collection. I only seem to buy big rolls of neutral thread these days. (and keep them in an old biscuit tin)