Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some actual quilting

Back to school, back to work and back to quilting ... we had a very quiet weekend with only the walk for entertainment, and I managed to finally get some time at the sewing machine. I've added on sufficient borders to this medallion to make it king size, so I spent an hour or two pinning up. It's looking good although very traditional! I don't think I'll be able to show this one at modern quilters night, I'm already marginal because of my deep commitment to scraps.

Pin basting is still my least favourite part of the whole process. I have accepted there is no way to make it go any faster so I do a quarter, wander off and stretch and have a coffee, then go back and do another quarter ... all the time keeping an eye out for cats and kids. And now a new threat - kids with rabbit poo on their shoes! Yes, we have rabbits from a school friend who is moving house. So we inherited the hutch and food and straw which has made it all very easy.

They are adorable fat lop ears; five years old and used to being handled, so very cuddly and not too nervous. For a rabbit that is.


  1. Much better than dogs.
    I have just renewed your NZ Quilter plus back issues. (Happy Birthday)
    I like the quilt - is it neater than usual?
    Snow on the Kaimais yesterday so it's matching Canberra weather.
    Love, Dad.

  2. Gosh, that's very lovely. "Some time at the sewing machine." That would take me 6 months. How on earth do you get everything so neat?

    Do you just make it all up or is there a pattern? It sounds as if you just add bits as you fancy. Amazing. I bow down to you.

  3. You are both very kind. It's not really that neat up close ... and no pattern - it's the quilt equivalent of a casserole. Put in whatever you fancy and after a few tries you get a feel for what works :)

  4. your quilt looks really nice! the bunny seems sweet, too. we had rabbits outside for a while when the kids were little. they never really seemed to like being handled, probably because the kids were very young and not so good at the handling part. ours were holland lops and didn't get very large. they still pooped a lot, though!

  5. Both the quilt and the bunnies are gorgeous. They can be toilet-trained like a cat you know, we did it with Baloney, so you could have them inside....

  6. Lyl, I have a buyer for that quilt. Seriously!