Sunday, July 6, 2014

A slightly better walk

Yesterday's walk was slightly better in that we actually finished it, but I don't know if it was a great deal warmer - and there was certainly just as much whining as last week's abortive attempt. We went up to the northern edge of Canberra, which isn't an area we are very familiar with, and walked up and along a hill and through some bush. A little bit steep for me (which means it wasn't perfectly flat) but the boys didn't seem to mind. Off they go, up the hill, hoodies on. It was cold.

And we got a good view of Canberra spreading out to the south - not a view we see very often. It's not a gaspingly spectacular city, but this is probably a good angle. We like that the trees hide all the houses (it is so strange when cities have their buildings higher than their trees) but it does mean you can't really tell where the city stops and the countryside starts. This is looking down into Namadgi where the cold weather comes from ... and a big grey cloud is headed our way.

The second half of the walk was a bit more boring - along paddocks mostly. But there were lovely horses who were keen on some human interaction, which is a novelty for my townie boys. The walk was 9.2 km according to the book (nearly six miles) and we were all a bit tired and cranky by the end and ready for our lunch. Number two son then spent the afternoon at a birthday party at the ice skating rink! He had NO trouble falling asleep last night.

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  1. just a little jealous of your cold weather. we have hot and humid here right now. yuck.