Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not getting any warmer

Lordy me it was hard to get into the pool this morning ... well, not actually the last step of dropping into the pool because it is delightful and warm, but the whole thing of wriggling into swimwear and shivering down through the fog knowing you are going to have to take your fleecy off sometime in the immediate future ... it was hard. But I did it. This is the view from the garage up into the street.

The fog didn't really shift all day - just lifted a bit before dropping back down. After school we went for hot chocolate and churros, which was delicious and very warming. Next time I might try the hot chocolate with chilli in it - for that extra boost of heat.

Number two son wanted to make a special cake for a favourite teacher who is going to teach another class - and thanks to the Great British Bake Off he has very unrealistic ideas about decorating it! We reached a compromise which involved our first foray into fondant icing. I was a bit nervous but the boys had a ball - and not too much mess. We bought the smallest brick that you can but I think it's still got another four cakes in it! Maybe on the weekend.

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