Saturday, July 5, 2014

Feeling a bit traditional

I must be having a traditional moment - check out this dresden plate in old-fashioned colours. Not a lairy bright or yellow to be seen.

This is the start of a medallion quilt I'm happily going around and around, border after border. It is looking very old-fashioned; I like making medallion quilts because they are a real reflection of how you are feeling. Because you have to make design decisions all the time, the quilt becomes very influenced by each choice, and if you happen to be in a subdued, or exuberant, mood it really shows.

Not that I am feeling very traditional, as least as far as I can tell. I am feeling quite happy though, because my very large order arrived from Hancocks of Paducah during the week. They were having severely reduced shipping - so I cleared off the clearance table in my usual way. The Australian dollar is sitting nice and high at the moment (about 0.95 US) so it was a mega-bargain.

I tidied my shelves in preparation. I think I have about 130 yards (pre-Hancocks that is) which isn't at all excessive! Look at all that space, I might need to shop a bit more...

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  1. lynley, i get such a kick out of the fact that your material came from a store just a three hour drive away from me! maybe some day you can come to the big quilt show in paducah in april and visit the actual store. it's wonderful.