Monday, July 14, 2014

And the holidays roll on

We needed an outing, so I took the boys to a little town 50 minutes south of Canberra towards the Snowy Mountains. Not for the scenery; for pancakes and the world-renowned (well, maybe not really) Bredbo Christmas Barn. There's an enthusiastic Christmas lady who has a truly astonishing very large shop filled with Christmas things. It's all very well designed and laid out and there are some lovely things but my goodness you get a little bit crazy in there after a while. It's hard to describe, like some overwhelming Christmassy fever. This picture doesn't do it at all justice - it is overwhelming.

The boys enjoyed it and we all picked out a Christmas decoration to add to our motley collection.  It took a while, so much choice! And one polar bear that we couldn't leave behind. We're going to nestle him into the tree so he's just poking out.

1 comment:

  1. i bet you could get sensory overload real quick in that store. but it looks like a fun place.