Saturday, July 12, 2014

An equatorial quilt

I finished this one at quilt guild on Thursday night - sewed down the binding while watching a slide show of the truly amazing quilts from the Sydney quilt show. It does make me feel a bit downcast with my little bits of things ... but not really. I'm not making show quilts, I'm making MY quilts, and they may not be great but I did every single one from start to finish to my own taste. Which sounds good, but sometimes ends with a yellow, pink and red extravaganza like this one...

I pieced it when I came back from Kiribati and was feeling warm and exuberant. To me, this is a warm and exuberant quilt. That's the thing about medallions, the choice you make on each border is a pretty good indicator of how you are feeling at the time.

I feathered it to buggery. It seemed like a good opportunity to really practice and practice so I tried different types of feathers, and outlining them and doing filler bits. It took ages and some worked better than others but it was a good experiment (and really doesn't matter for a quilt that is going down the beach to be used as a groundsheet in the tent...) You can see the quilting a bit better from the back - backing is some cheap and ghastly duvet cover that was too hideous for the bed - but I'm not going to waste all that fabric.


  1. Well done with your feather work - I haven't felt brave enough to tackle feathers yet.

  2. you are your own worse critic... that quilt is wonderful! it's a celebration of color and happiness! love it. keep up the great work.