Friday, March 1, 2013

Where is that goddam camera?

This isn't the photo I was going to post but the camera has completely vanished. I looked for ten minutes, and then stopped looking for ten minutes, which usually works, and it still hasn't shown up. So I went outside and took a photo of our newly laid pavers on my phone, which I'm very excited about (the paving, not the phone). They're the old pavers, re-used, but actually flat now! It looks so much better already, and they're not even half done.

The photo I was going to show you was the pink crumb block quilt, which is now quilted and bound. And very pink and wonderful it looks too. Summer is officially over now it's the first of March, and Canberra has chosen to put on a freezing cold and windy day to show everyone that summer is GONE. It'll warm up again, but not for long.

And I'm not having much luck throwing shoes away. I wore these to work yesterday and they were very comfortable - they're not flats but a low wedge - I don't wear them much because they are an awkward dark purple/brown/red. But they pass the comfort test so have earned their continued existence. To be on my feet all day!!! Winners!!!!


  1. Nice paving. Fantastic shoes!!

  2. I am so impressed with your shoes. I don't have many and they're all black, on the grounds that black goes with everything.

    Nice paving also.

    All good!

  3. Love the shoes. The color is very pretty. Pavers are coming along nicely!