Monday, March 4, 2013

Pink crumb quilt

Here is a photo of the finished pink crumb quilt. And no, I haven't found the camera, I had to re-take this with my phone. I am getting quite cross about the camera, because I've looked everywhere, so I'm  starting to think that had an absent moment and left it somewhere incredibly stupid, like the freezer.

I couldn't decide whether to machine quilt or hand quilt this one - I wanted the rumpliness of hand quilting, but given that it's probably going to end up with a little baby girl at some point I was worried it wouldn't be robust enough. So, while I was pondering this critical dilemma, I read on someone's blog how she had machine quilted the broad grid of the blocks and then hand quilted the rest. Bingo! When the student is ready, the teacher will appear :)

And, finally, today I found a pair of shoes I'm happy to donate. They look nice, and the tops are comfortable, but teetering around on those teeny pointy heels was not fun. All day I felt like I was going to break an ankle. This is the carpet at work - isn't it hideous? I know work carpet isn't meant to be attractive, but they really pushed out the ugly boat with this stuff.


  1. May I suggest that our grandson, Nicholas, has put your camera in the bin? - as he is thought to have done with our daughter and son-in-law's tv remote control. I'd ask him but he's only really into one-word answers and "Yes" (as in "Did you put Lynley's camera in the bin?") isn't one of his words.

  2. That must have been what happened! I remember those years - automatically putting everything on a shelf above waist height or never seeing it again :)