Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today was one of those horrible tedious days where you spend the whole time doing time consuming and boring things that no-one will notice and that won't make your life one bit better. Like a boring half hour on the phone to the insurance company to fix a plate glass window that one of the little horrors sent a rock into. Waiting to pick up routine ultrasounds. Waiting in Medicare. Waiting to ask the guy at the petrol station why the pump kept stopping and I couldn't get any petrol into my car ("I don't know. Maybe the pump is low?" I stared at him, he stared back. After a couple of minutes I paid my $3.60 and left.)

A boring half hour in the hairdressers while the boys had haircuts they didn't want and the cutters kept asking me how I wanted it done. Like I would care. Do other mothers care? Am I missing something? A painful twenty minutes on the NRMA online shop trying to spend a free voucher for renewing our membership. Why do they need a log in? I'm trying to spend $100 on shit I don't need, I don't need a password, let alone one with an upper case and a number and four letters that are an acrostic in a non-romance language.

My biscuits didn't work, they crumbled. I have two trays of gingernut crumbs. The best part of an hour filling out school forms because the ACT Department of Education has a new one-page form which you have to fill in for EVERY excursion - name of doctor, name of health fund, known conditions, last tetanus shot, emergency numbers ... to be filled in with exactly the same information a dozen times a year. Are they completely stark staring mad????? An hour with the physio who says my lymphoedema is never going to get better but I"ll be able to manage it. I don't want to MANAGE IT. Old people manage health issues, people in their forties RECOVER.

And the phone just rang. A telemarketer. Poor bastard, I told him to PISS OFF.


  1. Hmmmm ... what don't you sit down at the sewing machine and do some nice fabric play, and you will have acheived something pretty at the end of the day.

  2. OMG that's funny - and totally true, I hate days like that. Except that our half hour phone call with the insurance company yesterday resulted in us getting repaid the excess from a car accident 4 years ago - yep, we got money out of them, yay.
    Are you usually nicer to telemarketers?

  3. you need a nap! or a vacation alone! lol. must be the week for it because it's been kind of nuts around our house the last couple days. hubby's work has been thorny and it's put us all on edge. we will get thru. just have to have faith. sigh.

    i don't miss those days with the kids being younger. so many people say they miss those times, but i'm glad they are over. and i'm glad the days when they were babies are over, too. i don't miss sleepless nights!

  4. I had a stock answer to hairdressers' enquiries re my son's style. I used to say "Just a normal little boy's haircut". Not helpful but I had no idea what to say. Fortunately he's 28 now and gets his own haircuts.