Friday, March 15, 2013

A quiet week

It's been a slow couple of days here - mainly because I had a mild gastro on Wednesday that left me feeling a bit weak and depleted. Some random bug and not too severe, just enough to make me take some pills and lie down! I thought it might be the dumplings a friend and I stuffed ourselves with at the Shanghai Dumpling Cafe at Tuesday lunch, but that wouldn't kick in Wednesday morning. So we'll call it a virus.

On the weekend I did these bright and lovely beauties. I used all my yellow dye, and I've ordered some more and can't wait for it to arrive. I do love yellow. We have to re-do the upstairs bathroom because the shower tray has rusted through and is leaking a bit - so I'm thinking yellow tiles! My husband draws the line at yellow fittings but I think I can get a daffodil bathroom one way or another. If all else fails I can buy yellow towels. 

The bathroom is a bit disheartening because it's all asbestos sheeting, so it has to be completely gutted with the walls removed by duly accredited guys in hazard suits. Painful and expensive, but no way around it. The bathroom is nearly forty years old, so there is no point in trying to bodgy it up, we just have to take a deep breath and fork over fistfuls of cash. Because it was so manky I was going to give it a quick re-paint to tart it up a bit, but when I started scraping, the plaster came away and some tiles fell off ... with this terrible permeating smell of damp. Can't paint over that.

And on the shoe front, I walked down the street to lunch on Tuesday wearing a very comfortable pair of flats. And do you know, I realised for the first time looking at this photo that these are exactly the same as the cream pair I wore a couple of weeks ago. I've just been to the cupboard and checked the brand and yes, they are the same shoe in different colours. Life is constant learning, isn't it. This is the ugly lino at work; nearly as bad as the carpet.

However Thursday's shoes are off to the donate bag. Those toe-pinching ends are every bit as uncomfortable as they look. The only reason I bought these shoes is because the style is called the .... wait for it ... "Linley"!!! I was in one of those shoe warehouses where they just have boxes stacked up, and the name caught my eye, as you can imagine, and I thought "no matter what is in that box, I am buying those shoes!". And that's how I ended up with a pair of purple suede shoes with gold embroidery.


  1. OMG those purple and gold shoes look like they came from a Harry Potter movie! As an accessory, you just need a pointy matching hat! lol.

    Your yellow fabric dyed very nicely. And I like the concept of a 'daffodil' colored bathroom. Good luck with that. If you subtly pick fixtures with just a hue of yellow, maybe hubby won't notice...

  2. My dad once, and only once, chose paint by himself. He chose something labelled "Daffodil" and our eyeballs are still, over 50 years later, seared by the memory of the brightness of the colour - and that was after he'd diluted it about 1 part daffodil to 3 parts white paint. Good luck with it!

  3. I had a yellow kitchen once. Until I painted it deep red. The yellow kind of insulted me, and I LOVE yellow you understand. But I think the yellow just screamed a bit too much 1970s to me, and not at all in a good way (it was actually painted yellow over teh original 1974 laminate)