Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Different crumbs

I'm still making crumb blocks! But different ones this time, I went into the bin of solid scraps. These blocks are a bit bigger, because my solid scraps seem to be a bit bigger, and it seems silly to cut them up further. I'm not sure what I'll do with them but they were fun to make and crumb blocks look good in solids.

The landscaping is cracking on - they reckon they should finish the paving work this week and then it's some treated pine something and then the bog garden. Which is a favourite project of my husband. We had a lovely big bog garden in our old house, made out of an old pond that was indestructible concrete. The pond itself was about twenty feet across and two feet deep and covered with green slime. Which of course made it completely indistinguishable from the lawn, and a fifteen-month-old of our acquaintance plummeted straight into it on his first visit. So we knew we had to do something with it - and eventually we drained it, added soil and rock, and planted a heap of soggy-loving plants including an enormous gunnera and rushes and bog sedge. It looked awesome. We don't have anywhere near the space in our current dwarf garden but my husband reckons he's going to give it a go and put it in a little boggy space where the spa pool used to be.

And I'm keeping these shoes too - despite being a bit silly and high-heeled and only suitable for warm weather - I like yellow and don't have nearly enough yellow shoes.


  1. Your solid crumbs look very modern.

  2. i think those crumb blocks would look really good with a border of solid black and set together in squares. kind of amish but not really.

    have you thrown any shoes out yet? hee hee

  3. I've never had any yellow shoes. Should I feel deprived?

    I chortled slightly at your reluctance to cut up pieces of material since ... isn't that sort of the point of patchwork quilts? (I do actually know what you mean. And I don't know anything about quilting so what am I talking about? I have become demented now that my granddaughter is 10 DAYS LATE. Urgh. The stress... .)

  4. Yes, the ludicrousness of not wanting to cut them up struck me as well ... it's like I didn't want to disturb the integrity of the scrap bin. Overthinking much?