Friday, March 8, 2013

Last gasp of summer

The weather has been awesomely lovely this week - warm and sunny with just a tiny tinge of coolness in the mornings and evenings to remind you that is really technically autumn. But thirty degrees during the day and blue blue skies. The baseball mums try and put a bit of effort in during practice - outfielding and batting stations - but on Wednesday we kicked off our shoes and sat in the grass with the sun on our shoulders. Enjoying it while we could!

It was also photo time. Trying to get a dozen eight and nine year olds in an acceptable photo pose at the end of the day was as successful as you might expect. Normally I don't post pictures of other people's children, but I figure the chances of anyone identifying these two little munchkins is quite slight. That's mine in the middle - slightly disengaged but at least no longer rolling around the grass making cat noises.

And an order from Hancocks turned up. Because their shipping takes forever and ever and ever I had completely forgotten what I'd ordered. And some of it I'm not sure why I did - it must have been REALLY cheap. I'll use it one day, nothing is so ugly I can't find a place for it.

And I'm donating these shoes. Despite being really cute, they are not well balanced and I teetered and tottered around all day. Practicality wins, finally. 

Now I'm off to mop the floors - the landscaping guys invented an excellent way of getting the paving dust down the stairs from the road to our house - they backed the ute down the driveway then stood in the tray and pegged shovelfuls of dust over the retaining wall to a waiting wheelbarrow ten feet below. When I mildly objected to the two inches of dust on the front path, they promised to sweep it up before they left. And did so, with great vigour and enthusiasm, while I had the front door open. I was sitting at the dining table and looked up to see a great fog of dust through the whole house, that then gently settled. I couldn't be cross with them ... they're nice boys, just sometimes such boys.

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  1. we have years worth of posed baseball team photos. i love the ones where the kids are all giving the camera a wide grin with teeth missing!

    i had to moan when you said hancocks shipping is slow - i just placed an order and need it to get here asap. this was the first time i've ordered online from them. made purchases at the store when we went through paducah. and looking forward to going there again next month during the quilt show!