Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter everybody!

I hope you all are having a lovely easter. I have never really felt any fondness for easter - we didn't get chocolate eggs growing up, and we have no traditions associated with it at all. There were none at school either - not even a bunny to colour in, let alone hat parades or egg dyeing or any of the other strange things I see other people do. But a four day long weekend with chocolate?  I have learned to like it.

Not much happened during the week. Baseball presentations are always good for a laugh (translate: boring as batshit) with a wide range of speeches no-one could hear while small children fidgeted and larger children threw dirt at each other. At least it was a beautiful evening.

The landscapers have finished - except for a few follow-up things like topping up the paving sand and getting the electrician to put the lights in - and it all looks fabulous. It'll look even better when we get it planted, and the lawn back to grass from its current dirt and mud. This is the dry creek bed / rock creation with a bridge over it and a bog garden closest to the camera. It is such an improvement!

And a short week meant only two pairs of shoes. I'm keeping the red wedges, they are much more comfortable than they look. A bit frosty on the toes this week! And the turquoise heels had received their marching orders before lunchtime. Nice colour, but not at all comfortable, and that goddam tassel would not stay tied, and threatened to trip me up and hurl me down the stairs. So bye bye homicidal shoes.


  1. No chocolate eggs? Amazing - is it not an antipodean tradition? I'm a million years old and even we got chocolate eggs, though only one (and coloured hardboiled real eggs).

  2. I mean, one EACH - my brother and I. He ate his immediately and I ate mine slowly and then gave him some. Why is he still lean and I rather on the plump side?

  3. It was an antipodean tradition, for other, richer, families. One of our other family traditions was opening all the curtains wide on Guy Fawkes and racing through the house from window to window spotting other people's fireworks.

  4. Oh dear! Hence the lots of shoes now??? Ah, the amateur psychologists are the best...