Sunday, March 17, 2013

Peer pressure

I really did not mean to make this quilt. But, I went to a Canberra Quilter's meeting on Thursday night for the first time in ages. It was the Modern Quilt Group, which is a smaller group of very nice ladies sitting around and sewing. I enjoyed it very much, but they were doing Bonnie Hunter's scrappy trip around the world block. I was quilting the basket crumbs,which was fine, but those scrappy blocks were calling to me…

So I did just a little one, to make me feel better. This could not be called a modern quilt, by any stretch - my fabric choices were non-existent. The central yellows are planned, but other than that it was a matter of which strip came first to hand out of the 2" strip bag. And other than the yellows I didn't use any fabric twice. Which makes it look very traditional and scrappy!!! I will quilt it over the next couple of weeks and then I can take it to the next meeting and sew the binding down, and try to explain how it is modern. Which it isn't. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what modern is, but I don't think it matters.

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  1. Nope, it really doesn't matter. It's a nice group isn't it? I'm just really really sorry I didn't get to be there! Damn gastro! 5 days of it - it was horrid.

    So glad you went, and I hope I finally get to meet you at the NEXT meeting!

    (Love your quilt, by the way)