Friday, March 22, 2013

Shoe round-up

You'll all be pleased to know I am in a much better frame of mind today. I don't know why - it's another grumpy day of appointments and boringness, with the added pain of a couple of hours of real job work that has to be done - but bad moods do come and go.  Although I think I was in a bad mood that lasted four years when the boys were babies ... not sure. Blocked it out.

This week I entered a sensible and comfortable patch in the shoe racks. Which is good for my feet (and therefore good for my workmates, I like to spread the pain around) but not so good for throwing anything out.

No-one stepped on my blue suede shoes.

Or the pointy (but thankfully low-heeled) witches shoes.

Or the very sensible red Hush Puppies. My god my feet look ENORMOUS in this shot. I do wear a size 10 (8 in the UK I think, 42 European) which is pretty huge. It's about the biggest you can get before you have to go to the speciality shops and hang out with the transvestites. And no disrespect, but trannies' taste in shoes is not necessarily  mine ... although I do have some red velvet numbers still to come.


  1. really like those blue shoes! glad you are in a better frame of mind today. hey, we all have those other kinds of days. i wear a size 10 also and mostly just wear gym shoes. my feet are so big and so wide, i don't even try for style. besides, i have stupid problems with my feet and have to be 'sensible' about my shoes.

  2. I went shoe shopping yesterday - wanting to get some funky ankle boots with wedge heels. What did I come home with? Sensible black patent loafers of course.

  3. oooh, funky ankle boots! better luck next time, although patent isn't so very sensible, it's shiny!!