Friday, September 2, 2016

Pinning up

I have a few too many quilt tops lurking around at the moment ... time to get pinning and quilting. First up are these orange and grey circles that I was working on back in May. I don't think I posted any photos after the original big pieced circles. I ended up chopping them on the diagonal and sewing them back together in opposing colours, then putting them together in a kind of straight-furrows arrangement to make diagonals across the whole quilt. And a border of orange triangles and black polka dots to tie it together.

It makes a bit more sense when you see the whole thing. This is only a quarter of the quilt - I was going to unfold it and take a proper photo but I got stopped in my tracks by the evil eye of doom.

Actually it wasn't very evil, it was really quite sweet, and she looked very comfortable and I didn't want to disturb her. Because she is 16 now, and that's quite an old lady for a cat. She is not turning into a gentle old lady though, she is one of the cantankerous ones who no longer give a crap about anything and will let you know it. In the past twelve months she's developed all sorts of bad behaviour that we thought we had discouraged out of her when she was a kitten; jumping up on the benches and the table to get to food, howling when she doesn't get her way, digging her claws into you when you pick her up. She is in fine health as well, so we probably have another few years of it...


  1. sweet kitty. let her rest. she earned it after 16 years. how do the cat and dog get along? nice quilt. i need to get back in the groove of sewing. have beein in a bit of a rut. lots of things going on and i'm finding it hard to concentrate on sewing.

  2. Just give her a scratch behind the ears from me.