Friday, September 23, 2016

Ending and opening

It was the last day of term today - and I have two tired boys who are very ready for some holidays. Although for one of them it is opening night for the latest musical production ... he is very excited even though he's just in the chorus. It's the show the older kids do - teenagers mostly - and it is quite serious and he is enjoying it very much. We'll go along and see it next week; he has mostly two shows a day until next weekend. There have been rehearsals every night this week, so with that and school and just the end of the term we are all a bit frayed around the edges. Nothing a ten-hour sleep and some quality sofa time won't fix.

I haven't had time to do much sewing, just pulled some fabric for the next quilt. For some reason I am going all traditional again - this is why I can't belong to any modern quilt group. I do really like muted prints and old-fashioned colours ... not all the time, but sometimes. I think that colours of the woodland make a comforting quilt. And I found out in the end what the sheep was all about. Jackie Chan. Who would have thought it.


  1. those colors look like Christmas to me. okay, i read the article about jackie chan the merino ram (say that three times fast!) and am pleased to find out that you have your fair share of wierdos there also. at least the sheep isn't trying to get into politics. no, wait, the ones here are wolves in sheep's clothing... ugh. i cannot wait until this november election is over.

  2. Love your glass door knobs particularly. And the baby quilt.

  3. Obviously didn't go on a rampage in Canberra. What's the name of Gabe's show?