Sunday, September 11, 2016

The bamboo hedge

I think I've mentioned that the new neighbours over the back at the beach are rebuilding  and clearing out the foliage ... yes, I did mention it because they burnt the ivy and the trees caught fire. Anyway there is no danger of that any more because they have absolutely stripped the block - it's just a big square of dirt. Originally they'd intended just to renovate the house, but it turned out to be structurally unsound, and they had to knock it down. Given they paid $600,000 for the place, it seems a bit rough, but probably better in the end. Because almost all of our green outlook was borrowed, we have gone from having a nice green leafy back yard to nothing at all. Although we did take the opportunity to take out some of the crappy weeds and shrubs we were ignoring ... had to be done but makes it even barer.

This is the best "before" shot I could find. Who takes a photo from their back door? Not me apparently. I only took this one because there was a king parrot on the washing line.

And this was yesterday morning. Not a great deal of anything. Although we can see into their Portaloo.

We continued in our life-long problem-solving strategy of throwing money at it until it goes away, and ordered 20 pots of 3m high bamboo delivered on Thursday, and we planted it on Saturday. We have high hopes of a tall thick 5 metre high hedge in a year or two. We even put it a watering system ... it should be fine. Cross fingers.  My husband had dug the holes two weeks ago, so with the four of us working it ended up not taking very long at all.

Saturday morning was beautiful - almost hot! The water was cold but some good big waves and lots of surfers. It started to rain later in the afternoon, but not enough to stop us planting. It definitely feels like summer is on the way....


  1. No no no, summer can't be on the way, because we've still got it and aren't letting it go yet. Sorry. I thought I'd made this clear.

  2. Anything but bamboo. Beach looks nice.