Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another weekend, thank goodness

After a busy week at work it was good to have Saturday roll around today. And it's definitely spring ... I did the usual 5km run round the lake and the blossoms were out. In fact the blossoms are almost past - slack off a week or two with the running and the trees march on without you. It's the first weekend of Floriade too, so lots of people out and about.

This is the latest finished baby quilt. It was going to be for the school fiesta but a friend bagged it for a present, which is lovely, and now it's done so I must drop it off. It's a fair swap because she introduced me to Chat 10 Looks 3 podcasts, which is two Australian political journalists, talking about books and movies and tv shows that they enjoy with a little bit of life in general. And they put me on to Malcolm Gladwell's revisionist history podcasts, which are awesome (or the ones I've listened to are, I'm looking forward to the rest). Podcasts are good while you're sewing and trimming and ironing.

I did different types of quilting on each stripe of the baby quilt because I didn't think an allover design would suit it. And it was fun to try out different types of things. I went back to my shape by shape machine quilting book for some ideas. As ever - some more successful than others! I sewed down the binding while watching the Broncos v Cowboys NRL final last night - it went into extra time and was quite gripping. I don't watch footy much during the season but I like the finals.


  1. Max put me on to the Revisionist Histories podcasts a couple of weeks ago, really interesting. I haven't listened to podcasts previously (always meant to) so am now exploring what else is out there - any recommendations?

  2. You realise that the Canberra Raiders won as well so you'll have to watch next week too. Go the Green Machine!