Tuesday, September 20, 2016


What do you know, I never showed you the new door handles in the hallway cupboards ... you all must have been out of your minds with the anticipation. We took the old ones off because they were ugly fake brass with the brassy bits rubbing off, and ordered new ones on-line that aren't very trendy or fashionable but we like them.

The downstairs coat cupboard got some 1930s-inspired bakelite handles. We like these and they are quite satisfying to use. They fit nicely in the hand .... as we get to our coats, or vacuum cleaner, or shoes.

And the middle level linen cupboards got round glass balls that look kind of like light bulbs. We weren't sure at first but they have grown on us. The best bit is that they look completely different depending on where you are standing and what they are reflecting. Sometimes see-through, and sometimes metallic, and sometimes white like the cupboards. I thought they might get dirty with fingermarks, and they do, but I over-estimated my care factor about the state of our door knobs.

Completely not relevant to anything, I was having a little lunchtime walk from work last week when I saw two cameramen, and a man with a large sheep on a lead up ahead. I thought this might be some quite interesting film project, so took a photo and walked on up. Turns out it was some man with a sheep on a lead arguing with two camera men who just happened to be there. The man was very agitated and the camera men were trying to get away. The sheep was quite calm.

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