Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Weaving on

Weaving has started up again - we're learning twills and things now. Basically we have a set of instructions and an ENORMOUS cupboard full of wool and cotton, and we're at the stage of trying out all sorts of different stitches in different colours and weights. Below there is thin yarn and thick yarn and boucle yarn. It is so much fun, but the possibilities! Even the simplest patterns can be varied a hundred ways, and that's before you start playing with colour, or doing it backwards....

So we're going to keep learning for another week or two then spend the second half of the course on our own projects. I will make a scarf (a common choice) but I haven't made any decisions on colour or pattern yet. I'll talk to the tutor and try and resist the urge to cram everything in. So pretty. So much fun.

Here's the pink baby quilt all finished. I quilted it in a kind of clam shell variation that I call "clam shell variation".

We had parent teacher interviews this evening for number one son. He is such a good kid - likeable and smart - and his teachers were all very positive. Although his maths teacher did say that he is not quite at full potential (which is what every teacher I ever had said, I think it's what they do). But this teacher was smart enough to add (I'm paraphrasing) that if he wants to work in aerospace (which he does) then his maths can't just be OK, it has to be amazing, and now would be a good time to start.  Good one maths teacher ....

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  1. Go Doug. Does weaving have much scope beyond scarves? Shawls? Or do you get to make big bits of cloth which you can then cut up and sew with?