Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekends are very short

We had a lovely weekend, but two days just isn't enough to get done what needs to get done AND do the things you enjoy doing. Six weeks off shouldn't have ruined me for working life but somehow it has. On Saturday we had a friend's birthday party out at his brother's place in the country - about half an hour out of Canberra. This was their front yard.

Needless to say their vegie patch is very well fenced. Apparently all the neighbours have dogs - and they don't - so the kangaroos like to come and hang at their house. We had terrible country-life envy, and got lots of ideas for what we're going to do with our retirement acreage. Nothing too fancy, but definitely an orchard. You can see their orchard below on the left - bare trees at the moment, but no doubt beautiful in spring and summer.

It still looks like bare and grim countryside to my New Zealand eyes, but I'm slowly coming around to it. It was a windy and rainy spring day but the biting cold has definitely gone. I packed the heavy duvet away which might be a bit optimistic.

I finished quilting the orange circles (with orange circles! how original) and given that I had orange thread in the machine I pulled out the orange and purple and yellow double cross quilt from ages back, and did some orange peapods. I will do purple and yellow peapods now....


  1. I like your peapod quilting, and glad to hear you still view the countryside through NZ eyes.

  2. wow, look at all those kangaroos! so cool! are they like the deer are here in the states? i mean, if you were to walk anywhere close to them, would they scatter? your quilting is looking really good. what a difference from just a few years ago! you have really improved. not that you were horrible before, please don't take it like that!

  3. Your landscape photos look like pictures of another planet to me. So kangarooey (almost dinosaury). So strange-treey. So yellow, in spring. But lovely, in an otherworldly way. (I'm going for the most-ys-in-comments prize.)

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