Thursday, September 29, 2016

Holiday week one

I didn't mention last week with all that rushing around that my husband was away with work. He got back from Washington on Sunday morning - I picked him up from the airport, did a quick handover, and packed my bag and headed down the beach on my own for a couple of days to recover. And check on the bamboo of course. Which is thriving - I think it looks bigger. Does it look bigger?

The weather was appalling with lots of rain. I went down the beach on the first night for a walk and had it entirely to myself. How lovely - I wish I was there now. I had a great couple of days pottering about, going for walks, catching up with some friends and doing some sewing. Selvedge blocks again! Still nowhere near the 144 target.

I'm not at work this week, but I don't think it really counts as a holiday in any accepted definition of the word. Mostly dropping number two at performances, and number one at his filming - nothing too exciting, an assignment for his media class that he's doing in a  group. They have borrowed gear from school and spend hours down the local shops lurking in alley ways filming each other. At least I think that's what they do, I really have no idea, I just drop them off and pick them up.

When I get a minute I am sewing the browns and greens and creams into these Delectable Mountains blocks from my scrap hero Bonnie Hunter. I haven't made them before and they are quite fun and very straight forward. I will do 100 then make a ten by ten setting and see what borders it needs.

My goodness number two son has just brought me a ginger / lemon / honey jelly sweet. I wondered what he needed six tablespoons of gelatine for. It is a slightly strange texture but delicious flavour - lovely and lemony. I went up the ladder down the coast and brought back another couple of bags of lemons ... still dozens more just out of my reach. I only go up three rungs, and then I get scared....


  1. A lemon tree. I have never seen one, let alone picked lemons.

  2. sounds like you are having a nice little holiday. i am ready for a few days off again, even though we just came back from vacation a couple weeks ago. at least i have a three day weekend coming up soon for columbus day. like the colors you are using for delectable mountains.