Monday, August 29, 2016

Routines again

I'm getting back into the swing of working, even though I don't really want to. Not that there is anything wrong with my job, it's just having to be focussed and organised and concentrate for the whole day. And having to use your time wisely ... instead of going down the mall and pottering about and having a coffee I went on-line for my mattress protector, black tights and boy's socks. Which will boringly turn up at the house with no opportunity for meandering, or checking out Lincraft, or running into someone I know and having a chat. My life is poorer, although my wallet is probably richer.

I walked home today for the first time since autumn - the sun set at 5.42 so I can make it home in daylight if I leave work before 5. The wattle is Canberra's first sign of spring, with the daffodils and the blossom close behind, and it is very lovely at the moment. So yellow, so very very yellow.

We had a nice social weekend with book club at my place, and out for afternoon tea for a friend's birthday. I went for my first run in three weeks which was just as slow and painful as I thought it was going to be. My fitness was so hard won, and that plague sucked it almost all away. I will try and recoup but it's going to be difficult now I have less time. But I will give it a go.

I didn't take this photo, the boys did. Number two son made chocolate lava biscuits for his school lunches (he shared some with book club, which was very kind of him) and was outraged that the 200 gram chocolate bar from Aldi was, in fact, only 142g. This photo might be evidence when he writes in and complains (this is something they learned from me. I am an excellent writer of complaint-letters, as my mother was before me). Luckily I had bought two bars...

And there was some sewing on the weekend too - now that the baby quilts have finished I can think about other things. I had an urge for scraps! a big scraps! So this is the start. It did feel good.


  1. When I was cleaning out the computer desk I found a letter Betty had written to IBM in about 1997 complaining that the mother board (of our first computer)shouldn't have needed replacing inside of a year. I had forgotten both incident and outcome. When I complain these days I say "I'm doing a Gwenda" but perhaps I should be saying "I'm doing a Betty" or "I'm doing a Gabe."

  2. How can you be having spring when we're still having summer? It's very mysterious. Again, I love your baby quilts. I wonder how much you're selling them for? I've made 2 quilts this year (yes, I know, so impressive) so would need to sell them for about £20,000 each if I were doing it professionally. Just as well I'm not.