Thursday, August 25, 2016

The yellow one

And here is the yellow baby quilt - and the last one, thank heavens. I have enjoyed making these small projects, but now I'm back at work I only have a tiny amount of creative brain space, and this is sucking it all up. Whenever I see something on a blog or in a book that looks interesting I have to put it to one side until the baby quilts are done ... and that's not how I operate at all. I like to leap on every passing fad, run down every momentarily available rabbit hole, and not be oppressed. Yet another reason why I could never turn quilting into any kind of business. Imagine that burden of having to make money from it! At least with these I knew I could stop whenever I wanted and no-one would really notice. And I'd still be able to buy groceries.

Once all the bindings are sewn down I'll take photos of all of them for the blog. I quilted them all differently so I can use them as samples for the future, when I forget what I've done. Yay for blog! Sadly our weaving course has been put on hold as the tutor's mother is very ill, and she has had to go back to Europe. We will make up the lessons at some point, but I was absolutely getting a taste for it - you know what it's like when you get something new and you just want to do that! I am restraining myself from just buying a loom and going weaving-crazy ... must finish the course first THEN go nuts.

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