Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back into it

OK, plague week is over and we're just going to pretend it never happened. The painters are done, and it looks amazing, and I'm back at work catching up on whatever is happening here. I'm still coughing and blowing my nose and looking like a bag of shit, but feeling much better. At least no-one doubts it was a genuine illness, even if they are not very keen to sit next to me.

I finished up some more baby quilts on the weekend too. I lost a bit of enthusiasm for being imaginative and decided to do three log cabins; one pink, one yellow and one blue, and all with the same neutrals / whites as the other colour. So I did a marathon cutting sesssion then pieced them all at the same time. Here is the blue one pinned up ready for quilting. Not very exciting but I always like log cabins. Traditional but not too boring.

I went to the quilt fair on Saturday too - it's the annual Canberra Quilters' exhibition as well as a craft fair with lots of stalls. The show seemed a bit smaller than other years, but maybe they just spread it out a bit more. It's not juried and open to all members, so as usual it was a mix of the good the bad and the truly ugly ... but I like that, and I like that it's not all intimidatingly good quilting; but some of it was amazing! The overall winner was exquisite - beautifully made and a well-balanced and appealing composition. I liked everything about it. Other than that though I didn't agree with any of the judges' picks, as usual :) The modern quilts in particular were a bit of a yawn - I am either getting old and grumpy or the modern quilts are starting to re-use a lot of the ideas ... either way it doesn't look as exciting as it used to. I will wait for the Next Big Thing (and ignore it to continue to make log cabin quilts to my own dubious standards). All the winners are here.


  1. Your blue log cabins are very pretty

  2. Indeed they are. I continue to love your idea of basic quilting. Hahahahaha. Glad you're feeling better.