Monday, August 22, 2016

The pink one

I quilted the blue log cabin baby quilt in something allover and loopy, and pinned up the pink one. Here it is - barn raising arrangement - not that there are many arrangements you can do with only sixteen blocks.

We had a quiet weekend; the weather was cold and bleak and windy. Number two son organised a bake sale down at the local shops on Saturday to raise money to buy books for the school library. He and his friends were annoyed that the library didn't have books on the topics they were interested in (Beginner's Japanese and How to Draw Manga); so they researched whether bake sales were legal, checked with the grocery store they could put a table out the front, made a list of everything they needed, then baked, set up, and sold everything within an hour! I was very impressed. The mums had a few double checks around hygiene and a cash float, but other than that the kids did it almost entirely themselves, and raised $110. I took them to the mall Saturday afternoon and they bought exactly the books they wanted and are handing them over today. Wow.

This isn't bake sale related - these are the birthday biscuits I made for my husband. It is better than a cake because he can take the leftovers into work and we're not faced with a large cake to try and eat. Neither us nor the kids need any extra sugar in our lives. I used this recipe, which involved making a chocolatey dough, then wrapping it around a caramel with some sea salt.

As with most American recipes you have to do a bit of guessing because we don't have the exact ingriedients ... the jersey caramels worked well, and didn't leak out the bottom at all.  I put birthday candles in them, and we had one each which was more than enough, and with any luck they are now giving my husband's work diabetes and not us. Speaking of health, I did have a sinus infection, so caved in and took some antibiotics, and I'm now feeling much better. Finally goodbye to the plague.


  1. Great work, Gabe. I left a birthday message for Brad - hope he enjoyed his day. We finally went fishing and scored 7 large kahawai so fish pie all round.

  2. Wow, that number 2 son is a marvel! Wonder where those organising genes came from, lol.