Friday, August 5, 2016

Memory quilt

I am in a better frame of mind today, which is probably just as well for me and everyone around me.  So no more whining, despite the fact that today is the last day of my six weeks leave!!! NOOOOOOO how did that go so quickly? I am a bit worried about going back to work next week, and how I will adjust. I got very used to doing whatever I wanted, and having lots of nice time to myself.

I am also a bit worried that I have picked up the kids' cold - my nose is runny and my throat is a bit sore. I was meant to do the full 10km run today but I piked out and just did the usual 5km around the lake. It was a beautiful sparkling day, so no hardship, but it did feel like the whole way was uphill, which may mean the start of a cold. Or it might just be me.

I think I mentioned I was making a memory quilt for a friend from her mother's dresses. I have finally finished it and she picked it up today. After some hesitation I went with a simple medallion and not very complex piecing. Old clothes are lovely and soft, but have a lot of give in them and I find it hard to use very small pieces. There was one knit dress, and one lace, so I backed and stabilised them with fusible, but it does get quite bulky even with the lightest weight stabiliser. And I quilted it a bit more heavily than I normally would to make sure that everything stays in its proper place! But my friend liked it, which is the main thing, and she will use it, and think of her mother, and her cats will love it too, because they are cats ...


  1. That did turn out nicely and I'm sure Judy will cherish it. And the cats...

  2. the quilt is very pretty! your friend will love it. what a good memory for her.

  3. Very lovely (and simple, hahahaha... not by my standards, it's not).

    Sorry about your visit to the doctor. That must be very trying. It's bad enough having the attributes of an old lady when one actually is... if you know what I mean.

  4. Brian you are so right - I love it and will cherish it. The cats have not yet been allowed to approach it but I'm sure I will relax the rules