Saturday, February 1, 2014

Visitors, and the terrifying passage of time

My sister and her husband came and stayed a couple of nights with us down the beach on their way from Melbourne to Sydney. They were over from NZ having a week's holiday  - leaving their now-adult children at home! what a luxury - and stopped in with us for some salt water and catching up.

They were having a great holiday, but were in Melbourne during the worst of the heat, including at the Australian Open, so a bit of beach time was perfect. And of course it was lovely to see them and catch up on all the news (gossip) and have a glass of wine or four. As siblings do. Here they are with the boys ... who don't seem to see the need for clothing on the upper body during January. They did have shorts on, I promise.

The reason for their holiday was to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary ... so here they are 25 years ago.

And here's one with me in it - signing the register in a pink dress. Not a bad outfit considering it was 1988, when hair was big and dresses were shiny; although it did have a fairly solid pair of shoulder pads from memory. My dad is standing in the middle next to my sister, with the best man next to her and the celebrant watching me carefully, to make sure I sign in the right place probably. Twenty five years! My sister was 23 and I was 18 ... the terrifying passage of time.


  1. I think your 1988 'big hair' looked lovely.

  2. So that's why the boys have that gorgeous hair! Didn't realise that yours was a lovely red too.

    You and your sister both look beautiful. But why is your brother in law pointing to the ground...? Is this some mysterious Masonic sign or something?

  3. Wow. I had hair then. Mind you, the white makes me look 80 not out.(I was 46) I am sure that I haven't aged as much as the rest in the photo. It's the first time I've been able to see the Antiques Road Show similarity with the bloke with the stripey blazers.

  4. I look so young! Mind you, 23 is almost a child bride these days. Thanks for giving us a laugh - and a lovely time at the beach. Hope the boys are wearing shirts now they are back at school.