Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back to it

Back to the routine means back to the gym - and it has been a rude shock for my fat sloth body. Not that I do anything very vigorous there but it is still more than in a full six weeks of christmas, holidays, beach and beer. This is the before shot, wearing part of my collection of Target's finest exercise gear. The hairdresser gave me a fringe last time, unexpectedly. I quite like it, but it does look better when I've brushed it a bit.

And an after shot. I go so red when I get hot, like a volcano.

At least all that whining about the weather fixed it! We have had nearly two days of solid soaking rain - more rain yesterday than the last three months combined. Such a relief.


  1. You can do my exercise for me :) I need to get motivated to do something, anything. Yay, the rain lasted till it got to you, our backyard desert is actually starting to go green now.

  2. I'm sure it did you good!

    Our garden is very lush and green. I wonder why...?