Sunday, February 9, 2014

A big week

Back to school, and a big week for us as number one son starts high school! A giant leap after seven years at primary school. Here in the Australian Capital Territory they do seven years at primary, four years at high school, then two years at college. Which seems to work quite well although it makes this transition reasonably major (well, for me it was major! He just sailed through it, so calm and so grown up).

As you can see no more school uniform, which is fine by me. They have some dress rules - covering your shoulders mainly - and as far as I can tell from staring at the kids it's not exactly fashion central. But how would I know! The subtleties of early teen dressing completely pass me by.

A few of his friends are at the same high school, but a fair number have peeled off into private schools. Unsurprisingly, I have Views on the Limited Usefulness of private education, but I don't rant about it too much as quite a few of our friends have gone that path and their kids are all perfectly lovely! So my sweeping generalisations after a couple of wines tend to be undermined by the appearance of a delightful young adult, apparently unscarred by Elitism and prepared to be very polite to Drunk Family Friends.


  1. Well, he'll break a few hearts, I'd think...

  2. if you aren't already, you really should go into politics! haha. your son is quite a nice looking young man.