Thursday, February 20, 2014

And back to the other

I'm working this week in Honiara - on the island of Guadalcanal and capital of the Solomon Islands. I'd like to say it's lots of palm trees and tropical beaches ... but it's really lots of dust and stray dogs! It is wonderful to see our Solomon Island colleagues again though, and it's always a treat to let someone else do the cooking for the week.

This is breakfast time yesterday looking out at the little harbour. The mornings are just lovely but it gets hotter and steamier during the day and we've had some massive tropical downpours at night.

This is looking in the other direction from the harbour. It really does just make you want to hop in a banana boat and go island skipping for a few months - you could go completely Robinson Crusoe around here (although I don't think anything is uninhabited! Take a good wad of cash and some insect repellent).


  1. I have no idea where the Solomon Islands are. Must consult map. However, I'm hoping that you might not be able to locate, for example, the Scilly Isles or the Outer Hebrides. If you couldn't, this would make me feel less ignorant.

    I never ever ever got to go anywhere exotic for work. Falkirk was the best and believe me, that's not very tropical.

  2. Well, that's where they are. Really quite far away from you, though actually I don't know where you are apart from vaguely.

    Gosh. Fancy having a branch of one's office there. Isn't blogging interesting?