Friday, February 14, 2014

So dry

They promised us rain today, but nothing has happened. It's humid and grey but I am not holding my breath for any actual moisture. So far this year we have had 4.8 mm of rain. That's not very much, especially when only two days in January were below 25 degrees, and 16 days over 30 degrees. That's pretty hot, and our garden is suffering in a way I haven't seen since we moved in nearly eight years ago. This is the "lawn"...

We're keeping the hose on the golden ash because I would hate to lose it, but there are quite a few shrubs that won't survive. Climate change or just a bad summer? Who would know.

I had Modern Quilters again last night - I decided to re-join Canberra Quilters for another year - did I say? I will just take it for what it is and not worry that it's not all it could be. And last night was fun with lots of awesome show and tell. People have been very busy over the break and it is great to get hands on with different quilts.

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  1. I hope you get the rain Lynley, we've just had ours which will help our garden no end, luckily no flooding in our area.

    Our first Guild meeting for the year was a lot of fun too, lots of quilts to look at as well.