Monday, February 3, 2014


These are the blocks I'm making from my husband's old shirts. Half are white, or close to, and half are coloured; so I'm doing something that is basically two-tone. Background and the other. The fabric is very soft - which will make a lovely quilt - but it's hard to get them perfectly square. They tend to slip around more than new cottons.

I got the block from this book, which was a Christmas present. It is a lovely looking book, but I was a bit disappointed on the first read through, because the blocks are quite simple, and she only gives a couple of ways of setting them - all in a sampler style, using a lot of different blocks. Which I'm not really very interested in. But when I was on holiday I indulged in some brainless colouring in - just taking one of the blocks and seeing how it would look duplicated, in various colours.

And sometimes different blocks together, or using different lights / darks. It is a completely mindless exercise but perfect with a glass of wine and River Monsters. My god the boys LOVE River Monsters. I have no idea why, that guy drives me bonkers, but it can be quite hard to tear yourself away. Giant fish, dramatic soundtrack, and crappy re-enactments.

I did this for about 20 blocks and it was strangely satisfying. Some worked in different combinations, and some looked fabulous and I want to make them in various solids, or with crumb blocks and solids. I have changed my position on this book - it is a great starting point and reading the introduction I think that is exactly what the author intended.

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  1. I love how your shirting blocks are turning out, in regards to the fabric slipping, maybe try spraying them with Best Press (or some other starch) this will give them a bit of body and makes it easier to get them lined up.