Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shirtings top

Here is the shirtings top - all done. It is limited in colour because I only had four coloured and three white shirts but I think they still work together reasonably well. And I still have masses of cloth left over! I can see how if you went to second hand stores or started scavenging off friends you would have a huge collection of fabric pretty quickly.

I did think about adding another border but it was quite problematic to work with because all the shirts were so soft. Some of them were a twill weave too, which stretched alarmingly as I cut it. Pip recommended starch - which I have never used before but I went and got some and it improved it no end! Thank you!! But it was still not as stable as new cloth, and I gave up on my plans to do a nine patch on point border ... too much bias. So just piano keys, and even then there was a bit of fudging and shifting to get it to fit.

I left the labels in on a few pieces on the border, just to make it clear they're shirts! And to let the world know that my husband buys his clothes on special from Myer, and is an XL.

School continues to go well for both the boys and they seem to be settling in nicely. Although they were very tired Friday night - number two and I went down the beach Friday night and the others joined us after baseball on Saturday. It was scorching hot in Canberra over the weekend but the coast was delightful, of course. It was so hard to come back on Sunday! But have to work to pay the bills.

On Monday I got vaccination boosters for work travel this year - typhoid AND tetanus AND flu shot all three needles jammed into one square inch of arm. Normally I don't react to vaccinations but I've never had those three together and I had a rough 24 hours of feeling just awful - I even had to leave work I was feeling so wobbly. But much better now (except for my arm which still hurts!) and I know it's better than actually getting the diseases...


  1. cute quilt top! i like the little addition of labels here and there.

    so cool that you are enjoying your cabin by the beach. wonderful memories in the making, that's for sure.

  2. Since I started my very minor quilting activities I have been eyeing my husband's better shirts with speculation. He does not, however, want his shirts cut up.

  3. I must have missed this top, so glad the starch tip helped. Even though you had a limited colour range the quilt has turned out really well, I like it a lot, I might have to hit the op shops and see what I can find.

    From my experience - typhoid shots often give you a sore arm for 24 hours or so, better to be safe though.