Sunday, February 23, 2014

A few more Honiara photos

Not very exciting, but probably a bit more realistic than the seaside pictures! The ocean is beautiful, but you do probably spend more time on the streets. Dusty streets with utes and minivans and lots of people.

This is a french restaurant at one of the hotels - open at the sides; which was great the night we went there because it was pouring rain which made it a lovely temperature. Not too hot! I do not know why this restaurant has six foot fibreglass statues of fish. It is very strange.

We stopped by the markets one morning - it is mostly fruit and vegetables but there are a couple of tables for the tourists! I bought a sarong  ... cannot resist cloth, no matter what the form :)  And also a couple of shell necklaces. It was hard to choose they are all so pretty!

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  1. Well, gosh. So there are lots of people there in the middle of the sea. (Says she, who lives on an island in the sea also.)