Thursday, January 30, 2014

The quilt that got the pen on it

I kept going, and quilted it, and bound it, and of course the only thing I can see are those goddamn ballpoint lines! My husband says they are basically invisible (bless his good natured self) but it is all I can see. And it's a shame because I do like the rest of the quilt. I've blogged about it in its various stages before -  I did the central medallion in August 2010 and added about a border a year. Slow going for me! Sometimes things just don't come together. And on a tangent - how good is a blog for remembering things? I was able to track the (agonisingly slow) history of this quilt stitch by stitch.

I quilted sort of flowers and leaves around the actual flowers and stems; and meandering of various kinds in the outer borders. It was too busy to do anything too fancy, it wouldn't have shown.

The final border has metallic gold bits which is not at all the kind of thing I usually go for. But it was perfect for this one (in my opinion, which is biased towards colourful loudness) to finish up the slightly old-fashioned luxeness.

I waited until six pm to take this photo so the sun would be mostly off the clothesline... but it's still not a very good shot. But I wasn't going to hang around outside - I just checked and it is still 36 degrees out there and not going to get much cooler until at least midnight. We're looking at 8 days in a row over 35 degrees which really just makes everyone cranky. All the grass is brown and the trees are wilting. I'm working a bit but mostly looking after the boys for the last week of holidays.  I've said they can choose the activities - first choice was the local pool! And it was wonderful.


  1. Wow, that's amazing (and yes, the lines are invisible). How did you do the middle bit? Are the flowers cut out and appliqued on? I am stunned by its loveliness.

    And the beach... if I didn't know that I'd be FAR TOO HOT, I'd be angling for a weekend invitation. (It's all right; I'm kidding. It's a long way from Edinburgh. But the weather does look quite attractive, compared to the grey sky I'm looking at right now.)

  2. the quilt is just beautiful! i love the way you quilted it so it looked like the vase was sitting on a table. don't know if you meant for it to look that way, but that's my perception.

    i feel for you with that heat. we had it like that in the summer and i just felt like i couldn't breathe.