Friday, January 3, 2014

Back at work

Back at work today and it's very quiet and hard to get motivated! I should be taking advantage of the lack of meetings and peacefulness to get things done ... but it's difficult to get back into the swing of it all after a break. We got in a bit of beach time although the weather has been a bit cool and cloudy. The water temperature has vastly improved since a month ago though - warmer in the water than out of it! And some decent waves too. We had ice cream of course.

I knew it would get busier but this is ridiculous - look at the thousands of people on our nice quiet beach!

It's not normally like this, even at summer, this was for the annual sandcastle competition, which is a bit of an event. Over 200 entries this year - a time limit of two hours (I think) and some amazing things were built. And then washed away overnight.  My favourite was the skywhale...

All in all a very relaxing few days, with plenty more to come! We now have the house fitted out with basics and spare changes of clothes ... my husband even put up a clothesline. So we can just come and go as we please - such a luxury.

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  1. we are in the grip of a very cold spell - it's nice to look at your blog with beach pictures! woke up to 6" of snow this morning!