Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holiday activities

We are meandering through our holidays - I'm working a bit, and beaching a bit ... and we're all getting used to the drive to and from the coast. We haven't managed to do the trip in under two hours yet, so I don't think we're going to, at least not without speeding or other reprehensible behaviour. The boys can both read in the car so are fairly happy on the trip; just gentle squabbling about what music to listen to (my tastes are not theirs, and vice versa). 

Number two son got some paints from Grandad from Christmas, which he thought was brilliant. Real art paper apparently, not that stuff I buy him (actually it's normally scrap paper from work, which is even worse). He did a study of our lemon tree! I think the colours are perfect.

He has also been very keen to do some cooking. We have a Roald Dahl cookbook that has a recipe for gumballs. We were a bit dubious and thought it might be outrageously sweet, but the picture looks OK.

Our version wasn't entirely successful. It spread out into little turd-like splodges, then stuck to the baking paper. He peeled it off in tiny shards.

And then rolled them in gumballs (still quite turd-like). And incredibly sweet, and probably very bad for your teeth, and a bit jaw-sticking. We're trying to steer him towards savoury dishes for the next experiment.


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  1. never tried to make gumballs before... hmmm.

    when my son wanted to do some cooking, one of his first dishes was chili. i don't know if that's popular down there or not, but there are so many variations of it here, that there really isn't any way to mess it up. he even entered some in a contest once (there were only 6 entries - it was at a local VFW club). he got honorable mention for being youngest entry. oh, and one of the judges won second place. haha.