Sunday, January 12, 2014

I am such an IDIOT

Honestly, my quilting mishaps just keep on coming. I seem to have the attention span of a small, stupid gnat. A couple of days ago I finally put the last border on a quilt that has been hanging around for years, and pinned it up ready for quilting. I thought I would do some semi-parallel lines on the centre medallion, so drew some with my wonderful frixion pen, that vanishes when you iron it. And then I got distracted, and wandered off, and came back five minutes later, and kept drawing nice black pen lines with a perfectly ordinary ballpoint pen that will NOT vanish when I iron it. Even when you do it for quite fifteen minutes thinking "why isn't this working? I better iron it some more. Hotter."

It really is deeply annoying. I asked the internet, which suggested rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover. Neither of them worked at all, just smudged it a bit. I think the vigorous ironing has heat set it perfectly. There are a few other suggestions involving soaking the whole thing but I will have to wait until I finish quilting and binding it - no point in soaking something that's stuffed full of safety pins and I was halfway through quilting it so I couldn't unpin it and do the top separately.

This is the smudgy bit; what a moron ... never mind, it will fade eventually and it was only destined for the cupboard, or perhaps a bed. Or maybe I can palm it off on someone not too fussy.

Summer has hit Canberra with a bang - 37 today and getting hotter for the rest of the week! I know you all have your polar vortex and whatnot but I'm drying up like a pie in a warming drawer. The plan is for more beach time later in the month and it will be very very welcome.


  1. Oh dear. I am very sympathetic. That's the sort of thing I'd do. Grrr.

    I love your pie in warming drawer simile. I hope my Peter and his Amy aren't being sizzled in the bit of NZ they're in.

    It's a bit frosty here at night at the moment, but nothing very much. We Brits don't do extreme weather.

  2. 46 degrees Farenheit and supposed to get down to 37. Feels colder though. Still have snow on the ground, but a lot has melted. Not too bad out there because the sun is shining! Don't stress over the ink. A couple washings will probably fade it enough so that it isn't noticeable. Just finish quilting it and quit kicking yourself!

  3. Have you entirely frizzled up? Hope you're ok.