Monday, February 1, 2010

A great reason for not quilting

Is being at the beach all week. Sun, sand, surf - no work, no chores and no computer!!! And no sewing either, I've found through trial and error that no matter what I take down the beach I never end up doing it.

I did potter through second-hand bookshops though, and skerricked up some fabulous early 80s quilting books, and some textile design books. I love twenty-year old quilting books because they don't need an angle, or a new take, on quilting ... everything was new or being re-discovered and they could start with the basics. I bought one that has a very intellectual discussion of quilting - it seems to make it very difficult, I'm glad it wasn't the first one I ever saw - but it's interesting.
Over the dunes to the beach ...

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