Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Show Quilt

Tomorrow I'm going to drop this colourful number off at the craft exhibit section of the Canberra Show. The show has a fancy formal title involving the words "royal" and possibly "agricultural" but I can't remember it at the moment. I've never exhibited there before, so it's a bit of an experiment.

I personally like this quilt a lot - it's colourful and happy and uses some of my favourite shades - but I don't think it is prizewinning, not by a long shot. The real test is seeing if anyone at work notices!!! My husband usually enters one of his scale models and says that it is quite surprising how many people visit the craft exhibitions, and read the labels, and then come up to you in the weeks afterwards. He won second prize once, so I have some show-rosette catching up to do.

This is a picture of the quilt without the flash to show the quilting. And all the other fatal lumps and bumps!!

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