Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy dyeing day

Here is the most recent batch, all tucked up in their little baggies. Don't they look fresh and bright? I know it will all get washed away and made more matte but I love that glossy look while they're still damp. And in plastic.

I did some blues / yellows / greens a couple of days ago. Yes, they will be ironed. I can feel a major dyeing frenzy coming on ... oh dear.

I braved my first daytime meeting today - didn't know a soul but there were some very lovely people who were happy to chat and show me the ropes. What a delightful way to spend a morning; a room full of stitchers, sewing, reading, and chatting. I'll go again, although I might take something smaller than a queen-size to hand-quilt. Not so practical.

Most of my sewing has been the liberated amish quilt-along - my green and pink number is a finished top now. I'll just have to think about the quilting, but it probably won't be anything too elaborate because the words are quite densely pieced. Freehand fans would be great, but I've done them before. I might see if I can do something elaborate in the blank spaces .... mmmm.

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