Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who knew gangrene was a colour?

Well, the overdyeing didn't go so well. Far from the chestnutty browns I'd hoped for - I ended up with something that looks, frankly, diseased. I wanted to intensify the washed out purples with a big dollop of dense yellow to create something interesting in the neutrals line, but it didn't really turn out as anticipated!!! Never mind, the wonderful thing about dyeing is that there's no such thing as an un-usable colour. I've certainly used all of my disasters and uglies in the past.

Here's from another angle. Still doesn't look any better.

At least this one turned out to be quite pretty. I only overdyed it because I hadn't put enough dye in - I was aiming for a pale pastel pink - and there were ugly white patches over it. So it's gone quite a nice pinky/peachy/apricot colour.

But it hasn't deterred me - I did six 90cm x 100 cm pieces last night in yellows and greens and so far so good...

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  1. that Gangrene fabric will add the touch of unexpected in a quilt. might be the color that makes the whole quilt work... er, maybe.