Friday, February 5, 2010

Charm square cot quilt

I'm wrapping this one up to post off to my husband's cousin and her husband who have just had their second daughter. It's definitely a girly quilt! I used a pack of Strawberry Lemonade charm squares and the plain yellow and peach are my hand-dyed fabrics. It's machine quilted and should be able to be chucked in the washing machine for a few years before it falls to bits ... I tell people who get my baby quilts to use them, machine wash them, dry them any way they want and if the quilt falls to bits I'll make them another one. But I don't know how seriously they take me, no-one's actually presented me with a tattered bundle of ex-quilt. Yet.

I finally extricated my sewing machine from the service place - they said it would take a week so after two weeks I went in to get it ... but apparently they had "put it on the wrong side of the counter" and it hadn't even been looked at yet!!! I could have throttled them, but after a bit of me glaring angrily (I don't do angry very well, it tends to be limited to glaring, and maybe sighing crossly) they pulled their finger out and did it that afternoon.

So my sewing machine is now back in my possession and I'm going to actually do something today! I have a large hand-dyed number that needs backing and pinning before I hand quilt it, and a smaller one to machine quilt. Better get on with it...

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