Friday, February 12, 2010

Scrappy, scrappy and more scrappy

I love making scrappy quilts - lots of prints and lots of leftover fabrics. Partly for fun, but mostly because I am FRUGAL and cannot stand the thought of perfectly good quilting fabric going in the bin.

So this is a scrappy block - lovers knot? wouldn't swear to it - I made last year. The strips and squares are two inches cut so finish at one and half inches which is fairly small. The quilt itself is ginormous for reasons unknown! Because I'm an inaccurate quilter I had to do some serious trimming to make them all fit together. It looked a bit ordinary until I found the red and white dot which perked it all up beautifully. I also like the poison green paisley for the sashing cornerstones. I gave it to my parents-in-law who say they like it very much! As most people do :)
I get much of my scrappy inspiration from Bonnie - who makes such beautiful quilts, especially because her quilts show that the most unlikely combinations of fabric can work brilliantly in traditional blocks.

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