Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not much sewing action

My sewing machine is in getting a much-needed service this week, so there's not much sewing action happening. I should be hand-quilting instead - but it's been so very hot that I can't even tolerate the thought of sitting under several square metres of quilt. The only thing that's working for me is lounging very quietly with a magazine or a book and a cold drink... shall we call it research?

This is another hand-dyed number I made last year - the first one of just putting the fabrics together and seeing what worked out. I love yellow, I love dyeing it and sewing it and just patting it; so my first one was "stuff it, I'm doing the colour that I love, even if it looks a bit garish..." The colours are much brighter in real life than in the photos. I finished it in the middle of last year for a friend's 40th birthday present (she says she loves it, but she probably would no matter what! Friends are great...)

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